Mike Grande has been in love with Corvettes since he was a young boy. His youthful interest in Corvettes grew with his age till now he has his own independent Corvette Sales operation at 74 North Main Street in Carver, MA. Here he, and his team of well-qualified staff, sell new and classic Corvettes and Muscle Cars to clientele from across the U.S. and even overseas.

Mike bought his first Corvette in 1981. It was a 1975 coupe he bought for $8,500. He started to attend local Corvette shows on Sundays and soon began to meet other enthusiasts, including many serious collectors who had stables of automobiles. His network of friend and acquaintances began to grow. Friends of his in the car business encouraged him to try it as a career, due to his knowledge and passion for the Corvette. By 1990 he was working full-time for a Chevrolet Dealership specializing in Corvette sales. It wasn’t long before General Motors noticed his work and cited him as the top Corvette salesperson in the Northeast.

He still was not Corvette Mike yet but he was getting close. He would read magazines and see that an ex-Marine from Everett had an independent Corvette store in Southern California. Mike said “I remember when I would read all these magazines and see ‘Corvette Mike’ and thought, ‘Corvette Mike’, ‘heck, that could be me.’”

So now Mike was ready to strike out on his own and his relationship with Mike Vietro was the key. When they first meet they hit it off immediately. They were both crazy about Corvettes and loved the selling part the most. Then they started talking about working together and “the rest is history”. Now Mike Vietro operates Corvette Mike in Southern California, and Mike Grande operates Corvette Mike New England in Carver, MA.

Mike Grande met instant success. His idea of quality used cars at a reasonable price has been paramount to his success. His network of buyers stretches clear across the nation and only the very best of used cars will reach his showroom.

Mike has sponsors various events in the area including the very popular Corvettes on the Cape Rally. In 1997, when the new C5 Corvette was launched, Chevrolet had all the top Corvette salespersons come to the Homestead Race Track in Homestead, FL. The new car was unveiled in the ballroom of the Doral Resort. Here he received instruction and became a Certified Chevrolet Corvette Specialist having received intensive training in Engineering Overview, Driving Exercises, and Customer Service Presentation. At the end of the session all the 400 invitees were tested and Mike received the highest score.

Mike has served as a Bloomington Gold Restoration Workshop Instructor.

At Corvettes of Carlisle, he’s been a Celebrity Judge for several years and hopes to continue to participate in that roll for many more. Corvette Mike New England…truly a lover of Corvettes and a friend to the Corvette Community.