As the New England Distributor and Installer of Borla Exhaust Systems, feel free to call us for your next Borla Exhaust System. We have systems available for all model cars and trucks.

We currently have Borla Cat-Back Systems (x-pipe included) in stock for the C6 2005 Corvette. ���Have this terrific system “Professionally Installed” here at Corvette Mikes.



Corvette Mike is an authorized dealer and installer of Callaway Products Including:
The “Honker” C5 and C6 Air Induction System

Product Details
Unique design eliminates restrictive over-the-radiator gooseneck 
and relocates mass air flow sensor (MAFS).
Rigid base ingests cooler, denser inlet air from outside of engine compartment.
Callaway proprietary low-restriction filter element is washable and reusable for extended, reliable service.
Works with all OEM engine management sensors.


This is a clear plastic material, by Roadblock/Autobahnd, that is bonded to areas of your car that are prone to get hit by small rocks and other particles from the road. The material allows UV rays to reach the paint so the paint can age naturally. It is guaranteed for 7 years, not to yellow.

In contrast to the normal vinyl car bras, the “invisible bra” has more advantages. The old style bra has several problems: dust/dirt getting underneath which causes a sanding effect (and have to clean the bra fairly often), water getting underneath and rotting the paint (you’ll have to take it off and dry it when it rains), rocks/salt hitting the car during winter season, and just plain looking like it doesn’t belong on the car.

In contrast, the invisible bra can be treated as part of the car (you can wax over it) and cannot be seen unless you are extremely close to the car. The material can also be used to cover other areas subject to impact such as the side mirrors and headlights. This means the invisible bra can be waxed over and it is very effective for those of you who have to brave the salt trucks of the Northeast or other snowy areas.

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