Thank you to Elaine Kemp and the Corvette Mike team for making me feel the warm and fuzzies this am! This was not an easy decision for me- My Corvette family, Children and beautiful friends – thank you for all the Love today – Elaine Thanks for the shoulder to cry on…. Mike – thank you for your professionalism -a wonderful experience.



Thank you again for working with me on the purchase of the vehicle. I love the truck and could not be happier with you and the rest of Corvette Mikes (NE) for helping make it work for me!


Jason and Mike

I just wanted to let you (Jason) and Mike know how much I love this car. There is absolutely nothing I would add or subtract. Thanks for the little push into it. It will be very hard for us to move up to another Vett when the time comes. The color matchup of this car is perfect. I did take it down to Harwich to play ball on Friday. It brought me good luck. I hit for the cycle, 1b,2b, 3b, and a 300 foot grand slam out the park, to give us a win in our second playoff game. I left the car for about 5 minutes when I first got to the park to attend to my Manager duties, only to come back and see no less than 20 guys around the car. They raved about it. Wanted to know where to get one. I told them it is a rare care but you would be the guy to let them know if one becomes available…

Again thanks as always and above all for my Old man forgetfulness..

Never Say NO

Jason, first of all thank you very much for the problem solving that you DID. I just want the people to know, what a knowledgeable and honest person you are. And this includes the entire staff at Mikes. To make a long story short, I called Jason on 6/1/17 with a problem I was having with my windows.
Did Jason say—well bring it in and we will see what the problem is———————————–NO
Did Jason say—well I’ve see that problem before and it will take some time to fix—————-NO
Did Jason say—you know this could be expensive to fix————————————————–NO
Jason did say, Bruce I can fix that over the phone and HE DID. I love dealing with down to earth honest, knowledgeable, and the willingness to help their customers at Corvette Mikes. Sincerely

Jason Helped Us Through Every Step…

I recently purchased a 2013 Grand Sport working with Jason at Corvette Mike’s. He was excellent to deal with, knowledgeable, pleasant, responsive and personable. In addition, the car that I purchased was pristine, and well priced. The buying process, including the completion of all of the paperwork, was very good. We recently moved here from Canada so the paperwork would have been intimidating and Jason helped us through every step. Before making my purchase, I had spent months on the internet researching prices, locations etc….I know now that when I make another purchase, I will go straight to Corvette Mike New England.

fairly, honestly, and generously

Mike, as much as I love this car, so I appreciate our relationship over the years. You have always dealt with me fairly, honestly, and generously. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate that.

speak highly about my experience

This note is definitely overdue but I do want to let you know how great my experience was with my latest (my 5th) purchase from Corvette Mike New England. Jason was a pleasure to deal with. He put some extra effort in to help secure a reduce interest rate on my car loan and made the entire purchasing process hassle free. I now have a terrific C7 which I am thoroughly enjoying.

I continue to speak highly about my experience purchasing high quality and low mileage Corvettes through your dealership. It is evident that you guys know what you’re doing..

I Should Have Bought it Sooner

Hi Elaine. I am enjoying the car each and every moment that I drive it. Now I am mad at myself , for not having bought one sooner in life. Thanks again Peter

Hopefully We Can Send More Your Way

Elaine…Since Laraine and I were happy with the the good customer service we got from you and Corvette Mike we were the one’s that sent Rich and Carol Skomurski down to you to buy the 2011 Grandsport Corvette Coupe. Hopefully we can send more your way. Thank you again. See you soon at the Corvette Events.

I Just Love It!

Hello Elaine, I just want you to know how thrilled I am with my new car. I just love it! You made it happen and took care of everything for me. I truly appreciate all you did to make this dream come true.

The Car Is So Awesome

Hi Elaine, The car is so awesome. Drove it several times over the weekend. What a fabulous ride. Very impressed. Still studying the manual and getting familiar with all the bells and whistles. Fran

Loving The Car!

Hey Elaine, Loving the car. Runs great and everyone likes the color. Thanks, Ed

Enjoying our Corvette Immensely

Hi Elaine, We are enjoying our Corvette immensely. Got our new spare key & fob. This car is totally amazing and we are both having a blast driving it. Drove with the top off last weekend. Now, that was cool! Just wanted to touch base and let you know. Regards, Fran & Ray Williams

Thanks for the quick service on a great looking car!

Hi Elaine…our new Vette arrived in great shape 2 hours ago….he’s been washed…Zaino’d and ready to roll when I pick up the plates tomorrow. Thanks for the quick service on a great looking car….Jeff

Another Corvette Mike Milestone!

Congratulations to Mr. Frank Patarino for not only buying a beautiful 2007 LeMans Blue coupe, but for being Corvette Mike New England’s odometer mileage champion! Frank drove the very same corvette he purchased brand new from Mike in May of 1994, for a whopping 285,314 miles!

Mike was the New England region Corvette sales leader with Chevrolet while working for Walter Earl Chevrolet, and he still remembers the day Frank picked up his new Corvette. We have been servicing his car regularly for years now, and it was time for a jump to a newer generation Corvette for Frank. As Mike likes to say, “They all come back eventually!” Thanks again to Mr. Patarino for his continued loyalty, now approaching twenty years!

testimonial banner

I Wanted to Thank You for a Wonderful Experience

Hey Jason, I hope that you received that signed paper that we sent you. I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience of buying my dream car. Veena told me that you were very helpful from the start. Thanks again. And please thank Mike and all the staff for me. Have a great day! Siji

Super Service, Very Fair

I went to corvette mikes intending to buy a 2005 vette, but upon arrival was told it was sold. I really was disapointed. I looked at a 2007 convertible, not believing I would own the vehicle. Jason appraised my vette and Mike came out and went over my car. A offer was made to me in trade for the 2007 vette. Both Mike and Jason treated me very, very fairly in the purchase. There was NO hassle or running to the manager for approval on the deal. In all, it was a real pleasure dealing with both Jason and Mike. By Bruce T Plainville from Plainville MA

1485 miles complete with no tickets!

The Z06 was an absolute joy to drive — all systems functioned perfectly and the car is as solid as a rock. Thanks much for all your help. The great communications, personal service and the obvious care taken in selecting top-notch Corvettes you offer for sale made my purchase from Florida easy. You and your team are the best! And, OBTW, only one excusion to 100MPH (or more) — could not resist punching it out of a rest area merging onto the freeway in Alabama. Amazing power! Cheers, Don

Thank you for your Patience, Professionalism and all your Help!

Jason, What a car. Thank you for your patience, professionalism and all your help in making a dream that started in 1974 finally come true. See you in a year or so for a Z06 (another dream)! Thanks again. John

I Can Understand Why You Have Repeat Customers

Jason, I want to take a moment to thank you again for your help here. I can understand why you have many repeat customers. Customer satisfaction is huge and it usually means repeat business… it would have been easier for you to say “its normal” or “there’s nothing I can do.” Thanks so much! -Tony M.

It is Totally Awesome!!!


The SSR arrived this morning. It is totally awesome!!! I just absolutely love it! I took it out for a quick trip to get it inspected….the weather is going to be crappy for the next two days (thanks for sending the rain too!) so I didn’t play with it too much and it is now safe and dry in the garage. Rain is supposed to clear up by Sunday so I’m sure a play date is in order then!!

I appreciate all you did to make this a flawless transaction and I want to thank you and Corvette Mike for an amazing car and a great experience. Intercity Lines were also fantastic and thanks for that recommendation!!

Thanks again, Edward

I Have to Tell you what a Wonderful Experience…

I have to tell you again what a wonderful experience it was buying my latest Vette from you. I know we discussed a couple cars, but once Mike and I struck a deal on the numbers, Elaine followed through, and both sides kept all our promises. Just the way a Win-Win Business Transaction should go!

I have nothing but Great Things to say about C.M.N.E. ! You’re the best !

I Tell Everyone how Great You were to do Business with!

Hi Elaine;

I just wanted to say how happy my wife and I are with the car, AND how happy we are that you guys have already found a nice home for my 82! WIN-WIN!

I already changed the Brake Calipers, and the Muffler/Tailpipe. See Photo’s. I’m thinking 10 Disc Changer for the trunk & a Radar Detector then I’m going to be all set for spring!

I tell everyone how great you were to do business with. Keep up the good work!

Merry Christmas !


You Helped Me Realize a Long Sought Dream

Many thanks to you and Corvette Mike New England for helping me realize a long sought dream. My new car arrived as scheduled in great shape, I got it inspected right away and I have had time to enjoy driving it before I am forced to put it into storage for the winter. The whole purchase process was painless. I also want to thank you for answering all my questions about the care, maintenance, and operation of the vette, especially given the new technology. I can see why you guys are THE place to go to find a used corvette, only quality inventory. I have an interest in the Borla exhaust system you mentioned, If you get one on a car in the spring I would like to learn more about it and hear how it sounds.

Once again, Thank You and have a great Holiday Season.

My Wife & I LOVE the car!

Elaine, I cc’d you on an email yesterday, which I sent to Mike. But I wanted to be sure to take time to thank you for your efforts on my behalf. My Wife & I LOVE the car ! Everytime I see it, I like the color More & More.

I hope you find a good home for my 82CE.

And I hope your “Big Event” on Saturday went well!

Talk Soon. Gerry Casey

Thank you Corvette Mike New England!

“The year 2011 has been one to remember for us.You had the vehicle we wanted and we’ve enjoyed many great rides throughout northern New England since picking it up in July. Next spring can’t come soon enough. Thank you for the cool wall plaque that you sent that is now on display with pride in our home. We feel a part of the Corvette Mike family. Hope to do business in the future, again.”


The Car Is Fabulous


What a pleasure doing business with you. The car is fabulous. I did not get to drive it home but it sure looked nice on the road with Jared at the wheel.

My wife absolutely loves the color and the car. It is supposed to be my 65th birthday present from her but somehow I think it’s going to be a “shared gift”.

Thanks again and best wishes for continued success.

Rich Mancini

We Are Walking Billboards

Just a note of appreciation for working with us with the Cuda Corvette transaction. We talked to the new owner of the Cuda last week. We had so many fond memories of the Cuda during its restoration and car shows we attended over 20 years. We know now the new Cuda owner loves the Cuda and has attended shows already. Thanks again for finding a new home for the Cuda. We love our new ride and the drive to new jersey for the first time was a great adventure. All the best to your family and of course your business. We will send business your way. People ask where we purchased it and i tell them to read our Mikes Vette t-shirts. We are walking billboards. All the best mike and your staff was amazing as well. John and Debbie Becker

Frosting On The Cake

Hi Elaine

I Spent the evening with Bob & Jan Porter last nite, & of course saw their beautiful new car! I just want to pass on to you what a pleasure they said you were to do business with, they said you made their VERY important purchase so much fun & so easy for them.

I’ve known Bob & Jan for a long time & I’m sure you realize this wasn’t an impulse buy for them, Bob researched that “Grand Sport” for a couple of years. HE”S VEEERRRYYYY knowledgeable about ALL aspects about ANYTHING he’s interested in. Anyway they both said how professional, knowledgeable, & fun to do business with you were & that you made their experience even more special, In other words YOU were “The Frosting on the cake”.

See You Soon


Thanks For Making My Dream Come True

Dear Mike,Gail and Jason,

At yesterdays NCRS Northeast Chapter Meet in Berlin CT, my 1974 Corvette coupe that I bought from you in Feb. 2006, won Top Flight honors! I was so happy to receive that honor that I felt I wanted to share it with you. I give all of you some of the credit for stocking, selling,and delivering a quality product. The best part of the story is that I ran into one of the previous owners of the car and he has all of the original documentation for the car including the build sheet! What a stroke of luck.
Thanks for your part in making a dream come true.


Tom Scozzafava

New Milford CT

Honesty & Integrity

Hey Jason, I just wanted to say thanks again. Honesty and integrity is a rare thing and you displayed both in my dealings with you and Corvette Mike. The description of my car and the way it runs could not be more accurate, by the way it runs great and looks amazing. The trucking company even called me to make sure everything went ok, all of this was a very pleasant and welcome surprise. Jason,this is why you and Corvette Mike stand alone at the top. If you ever need a testimonial with an unsure customer feel free to use me. Thanks again Larry

1800 Miles Away


Sorry for the long communication Lag!!! Thank you for all your help with making my corvette purchase so simple – especially from 1800 miles away! I have truly enjoyed it and it is exactly as described! This was my first corvette purchase and when I make my second it will be with you!! The Car is pristine and very STRONG!!!

Thank you so much!

Merlin A Johnson, PT

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

You Have Made This Very Easy!

Thank you Jason! I can’t wait to drive my new car! Thanks again, you have made this very easy! Merlin

The Car Is Everything!

Jason, InterCity Lines just dropped off the 93 Vette – The car was everything you said – Thank You and Thank Corvette Mike New England. Larry Martin

What a terrific car!

“Just wanted to bring you up to date on the 1995 Coupe. What a great car. It is a blast to drive and a real head turner. I took it into my mechanic (a Corvette guy as well) to have the fluids checked, topped off if needed, etc. and a general overview. His comment, I don’t know what you paid but you have one hell of a nice car here.”






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